To make a great fruitcake, Gladys starts with the right ingredients.

Every batch is loaded with fresh pecans plus pineapples & cherries with just enough batter to hold all the goodness together. There are no spices or citrus peel, raisins or citron in our cakes.

Once you taste a slice of Gladys' Czech Pecan Fruitcake, one cake will not be enough this is serious fruitcake.

2 lb Decorated Loaf $25.95
2 lb Round Tin $27.95
2 lb Christmas Tree $27.95
3 lb Round Tin $38.95
3 lb Texas Shaped $39.95
5 lb Round Tin $59.95
5 lb Texas Shaped $60.95
10 lb Texas Shaped $109.95
25 lb Texas Shaped $250.0
150 Lb. Texas Shaped* $1350.00

*Additional Shipping and Handling fees apply, please call for current price.

Texas Fruitcake

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